Little Book Of Scuba Diving: Vol I: Tips and Habits of a Good Diver

Would you like to sharpen & improve your scuba skills?

With great, top tips from the experts! You can use these short, sharp & to the point set of instructions to accelerate your understanding & develop the way in which you dive.

Includes key contributions & articles from:

– Andy Phillips – “Tec For Rec?”
– Bil A. Phillips – “Top Tips for Safe Cave Diving”.
– Leigh Cunningham – “10 Technical Diving Tips & Tricks”.
– Annie Murray – Protecting the Mantas.

Also includes top photography tips from Alex Mustard.

Note from the Author:

“This book was written to be a light-hearted & useful guide to making your dive experiences easier, more enjoyable & by doing so make them simply more fun.

Personally, I made lots of silly mistakes both above & below water. Simple mistakes such as the minefield that all of us encounter when it comes to buying equipment for the first time. Only to later realise that what you’ve bought isn’t suitable for the diving that you want to do. Or that it is simply unnecessary or worst still that you do not know how to use it properly or indeed safely.”

Despite having had a bad first experience, during a holiday try dive, some twenty years ago. Kelvin became hooked on scuba diving. He is an accomplished diver & dive instructor that has traveled extensively. He has lived & diving in both remote and challenging locations around the world.

Having learnt the hard way, from his own mistakes, Kelvin offers you an easier road to success in the hope that you will have more fun, be safer & help protect the precious underwater environment.

This is not a scuba diving for dummies book!

With over 250 tips on ways to improve your diving. This book offers the simple golden nuggets of information that are important for divers of every level.

The golden nuggets of information offered within these pages has been taken directly from personal experience, near misses, as well as essential information obtained from continued education in the way of training & further reading.

Kelvin is giving back…
“A percentage of the profits generated from the sales of this book series, will be donated to pioneering marine conservation groups worldwide”! This volume will see donations given towards the BlueShark Conservation.

The education value & conservational involvement make this book a MUST read for all!

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